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Our debut on the world stage

At long last, our dream has been realized, and Baby Blue Creation is a fully-operational, cutting edge production studio in Queens, NY! Thanks to all of the hard work of the myriad people involved in the formation of our nonprofit, and we look forward to working with all of you again much more in the future. And even if you're just learning about our organization, it's never too late to lend your skills, talents, and time to help create something new and exciting and which otherwise probably would never have the chance to be made. Fill out an application today (see Downloads) for your very own Contract to become an associate of Baby Blue Creation. "Casting" all positions: behind the scenes, in the production office, center-stage in front of the camera and the world; we need all the help we can get. It costs nothing to join us, and association can be a very rewarding experience, helping you amass industry contacts as well as through invaluable , on-the-set, "hands-on" associate apprenticeship opportunities available throughout the vast spectrum of film production careers.

We look forward to long and productive partnerships with each and every person who shares our passion for innovative storytelling through artistic and practical filmmaking.


Travis Bridges, Director

Baby Blue Creation, Inc.

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