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Thanks for visiting the virtual studios of Baby Blue Creation, Inc. Here at Baby Blue, we are working diligently and passionately to produce enlightening, educational, and entertaining films (and multimedia) which, because of lack of funding (or other traditional barriers to production), might otherwise never get the chance to be seen. 

Our goal is that every filmmaker, regardless of credentials, industry background or contacts, or funding (or lack therof), has the chance to tell their story. We strive to accomplish our mission through the generosity of private donors, corporate matching programs, corporate grants, as well as through local, state, and federal governmental grant programs.

Most important to our mission, however, is the time, skills, and hard work contributed voluntarily by our diverse membership.

Baby Blue Creation, Inc. is a not-for-profit production corporation which is just that: a corporation.  Made up of its members, producing works by its members, and for its members and their respective audiences. 

We are also in the process of developing documentary and other news items for our new channel!  

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Get involved! Sign your very own contract with a real, cutting-edge production studio today!  All positions: in the limelight, behind the scenes, or in the office are now being filled.  Whatever your passion, please consider contributing it to our ever-growing, ground-breaking TEAM of professionals, enthusiasts, and dreamers.  

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